Family Law

AA family law conflict requires special handling, among others, due to it being a more emotional matter than in an ordinary civil conflict, and we are here to help you through it, in the best possible way  and contribute much of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years of our operation, so that you will be able to better handle the  situation, despite your lack of experience in handling such a case. A legal situation which concerns the basic family unit is inconvenient by definition, when the opposite side is a family member – a person we were used to having as a friend, who is now on the opposing side.

A solution which is good for one person will not necessarily serve another, and the legal fabric allows us to make different choices regarding the very same things. The choices you make now could follow you for years to come. For instance: regarding visitation rights, alimony rate matters, different kinds of property settlements and many more choices you have to make, while the implications of a decision regarding these choices may not always be easy to understand.

Family law deals first and foremost with the soul and emotions, many parts of which deal with leaving a person who was once very dear to us (both in case of a divorce and in case of death), and this is added to the legal proceedings which naturally contribute to  one's uneasiness and unrest.

We will accompany you on the road to settle the issue while paying attention not only to the legal procedures to be carried out, so as to reach your goals, but first of all to ensure that you understand, which of the options you are now faced with is the best one for you.

Our aim is to direct our clients to fair and balanced solutions, which will serve them for years to come by effectively settling the conflict within a short time and in the right way, so that you do not end up in a new conflict because of a solution which was not suitable for you.

We aim to prepare a balanced and stable agreement or arrangement for you, which will maximize your rights while maintaining an outline that will enable the settlement to survive over time; the goal of it all is to get you back to your normal course of life in the most effective way for you.

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