Entrusting your fate in the hands of another person denies you your freedom of choice, even if they are the hands of a professional judge. The legal system in Israel promotes the freedom of choice of parties in conflict, by referring them to proceedings which leave them with the option of making a decision in their own matters, such as various types of mediation procedures.

Our office is highly experienced in representing our clients before various tribunals, including various types of courts, mediators and arbitrators, and we aim to guide our clients through the legal proceedings in the most efficient, shortest, and best way for them.

Our aim is to always enable our clients to have their freedom of choice, to advise them about their rights and help them get a clear message across to the other party should they not understand the situation, and get to the decision maker whose decisions serve our clients.

The preferable situation is to reach an agreement with the other party, but should it not be possible to reach a reasonable and fair outcome, we will help you present your matters before the body to decide the conflict so that your arguments are presented clearly and precisely and formulated correctly, as the aim is to find the best way to settle your affairs quickly and effectively.

Our many years of experience will help you manage your legal actions and help you make your decision while protecting your rights and presenting your case before the right instance and in the best suitable way for the realization of your rights.

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