Labor Law

The many changes in labor laws, in both the instructions of the law and the rulings of the labor courts, necessitate a great deal of attention by both employers and employees, so as to ensure that there is no difference between the law and the perception of a party of its legal status. But first and foremost we advise our clients (employers and employees alike) to be civil and fair – rules which will protect you in litigation and which we help our clients to observe .

The labor courts have special and wide powers, which necessitate special reference in case of conflicts between employees and employers, which is why we have taken upon ourselves to guide our clients to act fairly and reasonably in anything regarding work place disputes, which are a kind of second home to both employee and employer.

Over the years, our firm has very successfully represented both employees and employers in various disputes, while always finding the creative and professional way of getting our clients to the best place, leading them to solve their problems, with sophisticated choices, each client's personal story is always different to others or in general, which is why suitable consultation is so important.

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