Commercial Law

Some say we can quantify every aspect of our lives into commercial terms or in other words that everything can be measured in money. Our firm assists business people and companies from the day of its foundation to this day in the choices they make, starting from the processes of making a significant business decision, which does not seem so significant at that time and up to making highly significant decisions, such as selling the business itself and the manner of its sale, as well as how to classify the decision pending (business or private, more or less significant).

The significance of many of the choices we make within the timeframe of our business activities is revealed only once they are executed and as time goes by, and often it turns out that their significance was greater than we had thought at that time. Therefore how we execute a decision generally has great importance.

Our firm's vast experience over the years,  accumulated in representing some of the top leading companies and business people in Israel, has exposed us to many varied situations, which in turn have given us a big knowledge basis enabling us to guide our clients, so as to preempt a conflict which in itself will lead them to unnecessary expenses, which they wish to spare.

Over the years we have accompanied businesses and business people from day one of their activity, even before the business is established, to the founding of the business, its growth, handling its business affairs on the way, preparing agreements and consultation on how to make a transaction so as to gain maximum profit and avoid failures.

Our firm is vastly experienced in representing companies, guiding them into healthy regular business activities as well as assisting them when business collisions between partners or with clients occur, and during business failures, such as insolvency, bankruptcy, or liquidation and recovery procedures.

This great deal of experience we have gathered in different types of laws which accompany a business activity, enables us to help our clients and guide them through the different layers which make up their regular business activity or activity during crisis, sparing them the failures which may rise or helping them solve problems once they have already happened, in the shortest, cheapest, and most efficient way.

Our motto when representing our commercial clients, is that the commercial client aims to carry on with his commercial activity while avoiding legal activities, so we aim to prevent him from reaching a conflict or to solve an existing conflict in the shortest most efficient, and rapid way possible – so that he may focus once more on his field of business and not our field of business.

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