Civil Law

The civil law field includes a wide variety of subjects, which all strive to balance the different rights expressed when they are in conflict. Our office has many years of experience in representing businessmen in various extreme situations characteristic of their activities, enable us to help our clients reach the most efficient place for them in a given situation.

Be it consultation in order to avoid a conflict of interests by our clients with their opposing party, or the preparation of agreements, or a conflict derived of different rights being prejudiced, we will always seek out the creative and effective way to bring our clients to a safe haven.

Honesty and integrity in every relationship will increase the chances of a healthy, satisfactory, and long term relationship, but we always recommend to our clients to make matters clear in writing, so that each side understands what it must do. Our firm will enable you to make the right choices, execute them while making sure the other party complies with its commitments towards you, so that your predetermined result is promoted.

In case of a civil conflict we can counsel you on your rights and how you must act to bring about their realization, while trying to move the other party to do the right thing or by enforcing the law on a party refusing to do so.

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